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Going Back-to-Work? Think BIG: A business support network for women


Tara Gilvar and Becky Hull of B.I.G.

Now that your children are older,  are you thinking about going back to work or changing your career? This can be a scary time and feeling like your mind has turned to mush doesn’t help. Watching my girlfriends struggle through this process I realized how much easier it was for them if they had a girlfriend to act as a colleague or mentor –  to give them encouragement, support, ideas or a kick in the butt as needed.

Luckily a group of smart, talented and motivated women created B.I.G “a business support, education and networking organization for women.” B.I.G has become a ”growing community of intelligent, creative and entrepreneurial women who want to share their business ideas and build upon their dreams.”

B.I.G is based on the concept of believing (B) in each other, inspiring (I) each other with support and confidence and helping each other grow (G) ideas and businesses.

Rebecca (Becky) Hull, a founding member of the group, explained, “As women, we become each other’s support group. We understand each other’s challenges as we try to fit what could be a 24-hour work day into a manageable life/work balance scenario.”

B.I.G. currently has communities in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts with interest from women in Illinois, California and Ohio. They are looking for strong leaders who want to establish B.I.G in their own town.

Check out their website to learn more and see if they have a community near you