Jeanne Tripplehorn 06.10.1963


Janet: After carefully studying the Paris Metro map and receiving DETAILED instructions from the ticket agent, I wound up taking not one, but two lines in the wrong direction. Adding insult to injury, when I finally arrived at the correct stop I stood up, walked to the door, played with the handle, and then sat right back down again. I couldn’t figure out how to open the door!




Joanie: I decided to throw my husband a surprise birthday party. I rushed out and bought the invitations, got them addressed and mailed. Imagine my horror when my friends called and asked why I’d sent them empty envelopes.


Sharon: I was making a presentation in a meeting and I mentioned that I wanted to bring my colleague in on the project. I explained that I had worked with her for over twenty years and that she had the office next to mine. Then I completely blanked on her name!


Sylvia: Whenever I pick up a book I am reading I have to go back several pages to recall who the characters are and what’s happening. Why can’t authors provide a summary of the characters and plot line at the beginning of each chapter?


Shirley: I pointed to my husband’s red eye and said, “What’s wrong with your lightbulb?”


Nancy: I knew that I was late and I was driving as fast as I dared down the 110 freeway. Suddenly I could not remember where I was going. I panicked. I knew that on Tuesdays I went to UCLA and on Thursdays I went to USC but I couldn’t figure out what day it was!!