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Tips on How to Stay Healthy During Menopause in 2012





This time of year is often one of hope and motivation to finally follow through on those resolutions.


Most resolutions focus on improving health, which is why we’d like to kick off 2012 with a list of ways to stay healthy during menopause from US News & World Report:

Eat a balanced, nutritious diet that’s low in calories.


Get a minimum of two-and-a-half hours per week of moderate aerobic exercise.


If you’re a smoker, quit.


Visit your gynecologist for an annual checkup and any recommended screening tests.


Talk to your doctor about any immunizations you may need.


Among our long list of resolutions for this coming year is our commitment to bring you the latest news and findings from cutting-edge research to help you improve the health of your mind and body during menopause. Here’s to a healthy and happy 2012!

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  1. christine splichal says:

    thank you for your new year’s resolution to bring us the latest news and findings on menopause. happy and healthy new year to you too!

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