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About Us

Carol McCleary, PhD has been a neuropsychologist for over twenty years and is currently  Director of Neuropsychology for the Department of Neurology, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California.   She completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at Stanford University and earned her PhD from Princeton University. She completed fellowships in neuropsychology at the Boston VA, Boston University and Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School.

Carol’s goal for this blog is to educate women and get them talking about the perimenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal time in a woman’s life. This subject is both professionally and personally relevant for her.  When she was younger and working furiously while raising two young girls, she naively assumed that once her children got older and more independent,  she would have a useful brain again. Instead, her mind turned to mush.   The low point was when her youngest said, “Mom, I know that you are supposed to be smart and everything, but I just don’t see it.”

Within her practice, Carol found that middle-aged, intelligent and successful women frequently came to see her because they were also concerned that their minds had turned to mush. After testing them and showing them that they were just fine, she would regale them with “Menopause Moments” collected from her friends, and too often, from her own experience. She found that soon they would be laughing and things didn’t seem so scary.

Lina D’Orazio, PhD is currently is a member of the USC Keck Medical School Neurology Faculty and has a clinical practice in medical psychology and neuropsychology in the Keck Medicine of USC Neurology Clinic.  Lina received her doctorate from the University of Southern California . She specializes in the interrelationship between psychology, health, and cognition. Her work includes clinical practice and research in women’s health, cross-cultural behavioral medicine, and dementia, as well as helping individuals, couples, and families cope with chronic illnesses, such as cancer or neurological disorders. Lina received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Brown University and worked in research in the Columbia University Behavioral Medicine Program. The blog was Lina’s idea! She had the insight to realize that that the blog format was ideal for getting a discussion going about the real issues surrounding  menopause and for allowing women to share their “Menopause Moments.”

Neither Carol nor Lina are medical doctors. Before you make changes in diet, exercise or medication it is important that you consult your own primary care physician. Carol and Lina hope to use their expertise to follow research on menopause and women’s issues and present it in a more useful format. But the most important information comes from you. So please send in your “Menopause Moments” so that they can be shared with and laughed at by others, for truly, laughter is a wonderful medicine.