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More Hot Flashes Early in Menopause, Lower Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke


Oh boy! Could it be? Another health benefit of those pesky hot flashes?

A study of 60,000 women over 10 years found that women who reported experiencing hot flashes early on in menopause reported significantly fewer heart attacks than women who experienced hot flashes later on in the process and those who never had flare ups. Existing research had suggested that hot flashes may be associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease, but these findings show that there is more to the story than previously thought–such as the timing of hot flashes.  Added bonus: Dr. Szmuilowic and her research team also found a decreased risk for stroke among the early flushers.

Although more research is needed to examine underlying factors of these links, thinking about when you’ve had flushes may be important. If you’ve had hot flashes later on in menopause, or none at all, it may be wise to talk to your doctor about your ticker.

For more information, here’s an ABC News piece on the study.