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Feeling Alone in the Menopausal Abyss? Throw a Party!


Going through menopause not only can make you feel like you’re losing your marbles, it can also be pretty isolating. Memory lapses, irritability, fatigue, and a host of other physical symptoms can leave you frustrated, burnt out, and a acting little demented…which can send your friends and family hightailing it to the hills!


Instead of the typical social withdrawal, why not throw a party?

Ellen Sarver Dolgen, author of Shmirshky: the pursuit of hormone happiness, has been bringing women together to teach them about growing older with menopause-themed parties. Or, as we call them here, menoParties!  It’s a time to vent, share your menoPaused moments, get informed, feel supported,  and boost each other up, all while having a merry time.


Not unlike a support group, these shindigs  can help to “normalize” your menopause experience. This is psychology speak for: you’re not the only one going through this and you’re not a freak of nature…you’re simply menopausal.  And you can share how it’s anything but simple with women who get it.


Want to throw a menoParty of your own? Invite your gal pals over, have some tasty eats and sips, and read through Menopause Mind together for  titillating discussion topics! (How’s that for a plug?)

Sex: Let’s Talk About “It”


Has sex become an afterthought? Do you remember the last time you had sex? Are you relieved when your partner is too tired, busy, or not feeling up to doing it?

Ah…menopause strikes again!  Many women  in this stage of life say that their interest in sex has dipped, dropped, or disappeared altogether.  For some women, when they actually get to it, sex just isn’t that rewarding anymore. Reaching the big “O” can become an achievement akin to climbing Mt. Everest. Who has the energy for that!?

This section is devoted to getting a conversation going on sex during menopause. What’s changing and what isn’t? What can we do to make things better?  How do we get out of it when we don’t want it? How do we get it started when we do?   Let us know what you think and send questions if you’ve got ‘em!